About The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education

The Observatory is a higher education think tank with institutional members across 30 countries. Our unique remit is ‘borderless’ higher education worldwide- disruptive innovations such as online learning, internationalization in all its forms and commercial competition and partnerships. We offer analysis on trends, business models and policy frameworks. Our purpose is to provide strategic intelligence for education leaders and policymakers attempting to navigate the opportunities and threats of borderless higher education.

Originally a collaborative initiative between the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) and Universities UK, The Observatory joined the International Graduate Insight Group (i-graduate) in August 2010. The Observatory’s membership is currently comprised of 160+ organisational members across more than 30 countries.

By engaging with The Observatory you will read transnational higher education perspectives from university leaders, corporate executives, government ministers, faculty, students, and other stakeholders in a global information economy where higher education is becoming a valued service and tradable commodity amongst nations.

By subscribing to The Observatory you will learn about branch campus models in countries such as China, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates, international student mobility trends in nations including the U.S., the UK, Germany, France and Australia, quality assurance standards in international distance learning programmes, and the latest trends in international distance learning. You will learn about the latest educational transformations in South Africa, India, Mexico, Vietnam and Brazil; new public-private partnerships in transnational higher education and emerging regulatory frameworks governing borderless higher education. And along the way you will develop an expanding network of colleagues and friends from across the globe.

A repository of original thought on borderless higher education developments worldwide, The Observatory provides a number of other services ranging from customised seminars and conferences to consultancies, conference speaking, and building strategic global partnerships. At the end of the day, The Observatory’s primary purpose is to provide strategic research, data, and information for institutional/organisational leaders and policy-makers to make informed decisions relevant to their current and future transnational higher education initiatives.

And what are the most important value and benefits you receive from The Observatory? You will have high quality research and networks at your fingertips that will provide you and your organisation with the navigational charts necessary to explore the unchartered waters of borderless higher education. We will help you embark upon your voyage with the strategic information and strategies you will need to be successful in the global marketplace.

We wish you a successful journey and look forward to welcoming you to The Observatory.