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'The IU has had a long and positive working relationship with the Observatory. In 2013, the IU in partnership with the Leadership Foundation commissioned the Observatory to conduct qualitative research on what international higher education might be like in 2020, examining future trends and opportunities to help inform universities’, and policy makers’, strategic thinking about internationalisation. The “Horizon scanning” report was steered by a group including leaders in internationalisation from the sector, Chaired by Professor Sir Drummond Bone.  The report has been read and well received around the world.', Vivienne Stern, Director of the UK Higher Education International Unit (IU)

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Key Resources - References and links to valuable sources on borderless higher education.


Conference Presentations - Materials presented by Observatory staff at a wide range of international events.


Consultancy Services - Outlines the range of the Observatory's consultancy work.

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'The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education is a valuable resource for higher education scholars. It provides topical information and critical analysis on a major area of higher education expansion. The delivery of the resource itself is borderless and of significant interest to our research partners across the globe.', Professor Louise Morley, University of Sussex, UK