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"The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education is a valuable resource for higher education scholars. It provides topical information and critical analysis on a major area of higher education expansion. The delivery of the resource itself is borderless and of significant interest to our research partners across the globe" - Professor Louise Morley, University of Sussex, UK

The Observatory's full archive of News Headlines, Articles and Reports is available on an unlimited basis to subscribers only. However, the range of resources and services listed below is also accessible by non-subscribers:

Key Resources - References and links to valuable sources on borderless higher education.


Conference Presentations - Materials presented by Observatory staff at a wide range of international events.


Consultancy Services - Outlines the range of the Observatory's consultancy work.

Non-subscribers may purchase most individual reports at a cost of £350, or a series of two or three reports for £600, and £750, respectively (excluding VAT). Some reports, such as the 2012 International Branch Campus report, are not available under this offer. Reports can be purchased through a publications search, where publication details are on view and electronic or hardcopy versions purchase options available.

Articles are also available at a cost from £40 per article. Please note, however, that an institutional subscription provides more value for money.

To learn about the Observatory's breadth of coverage, search our publications archive.