News Archive September 2017

OECD reveals STEM and PhD priorities of globally mobile, The PIE News, 29 September 2017

Caribbean Universities in Crisis, Inside Higher Ed, 29 September 2017

New regulations weeding out international school 'cowboys', Stuff New Zealand, 29 September 2017

Half of all youths in England go to university despite fee hikes, Study International News, 29 September 2017

What Should India Hope to Achieve from Its ‘Institutions of Eminence’?, The Wire (India), 28 September 2017

Anteil an ausländischen Studenten konstant bei rund 27 Prozent, Der Standard (Austria), 28 September 2017

Why is Turkey’s education system failing?, Hürriyet Daily News (Turkey), 28 September 2017

5 reasons why Seoul’s ‘university town’ is the best, Study International News, 28 September 2017

NZ: new data intelligence portal launched, The PIE News, 27 September 2017

Why are Mumbai’s students so quiet?, Hindustan Times (India), 27 September 2017

Clearing 2017: what worked for universities, and what didn't, The Guardian (UK), 27 September 2017

Govt weighs performance-linked funding for central universities, Livemint (India), 27 September 2017

Threats to Universities Worldwide, Inside Higher Ed, 26 September 2017

Malaysia at the forefront of e-Learning, New Straits Times (Malaysia), 26 September 2017

Matrade to attract more int’l varsities to set up M’sian campuses, Borneo Post, 26 September 2017

African universities battle hacking, cyber crimes, The Punch (South Africa), 26 September 2017

Higher Education Ministry examines 10 requests to establish private, national universities, Daily News Egypt, 25 September 2017

Trump issues new travel restrictions, Inside Higher Ed, 25 September 2017

Higher Education Board and science, Hürriyet Daily News (Turkey), 25 September 2017

Higher fees mooted for cash-strapped universities, Irish News (Ireland), 25 September 2017

China’s Quest for ‘World Class’ Universities Triggers Spending Spree, Caixin Global, 22 September 2017

Experts call for radical changes in higher education, University World News, 22 September 2017

Australia: MP blasts country’s international education governance, The PIE News, 22 September 2017

'If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ will not cut it for Singapore’s education system: DPM Tharman, Channel News Asia (Singapore), 21 September 2017


115 Millionen für Studentenaustausch, Luzerner Zeitung (Switzerland), 21 September 2017

View from the Academy: Meeting 21st century education challenges, The Engineer (UK), 21 September 2017

The French revolution in higher education is starting to bear fruit, The Times Higher Education, 21 September 2017

Japan gives clarity on which international grads can stay -- and which can't, Nikkei Asian Review (Japan), 20 September 2017


Power list: the 50 people with most influence over UK universities, The Guardian (UK), 20 September 2017

Public backs higher funding for university research, University World News, 20 September 2017

10 university flashpoints over free speech, BBC, 20 September 2017

EAIE: educators urged to embrace “inclusive internationalisation”, The PIE News, 18 September 2017

The Bologna and ASEM Education Secretariats as Transnational Policy Actors, Inside Higher Ed, 18 September 2017

EdTech: Development Of Online Learning Key To Africa’s Future, BusinessBecause, 18 September 2017

Boom in number of English-taught bachelor’s, with Turkey on top, The PIE News, 15 September 2017

Abiturienten sehen ihre Zukunft positiv, Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (Germany), 15 September 2017

Universities to be punished for admissions ‘arms race’, University World News, 15 September 2017

HEC offers training programmes for Gambian universities, The International News (Pakistan), 15 September 2017Higher education ministry mulling audit on courses to ensure relevance, New Straits Times (Malaysia), 14 September 2017

European University in Russia faces closure, Science Business (Belgium), 14 September 2017

Brain drain to the West, Hürriyet Daily News (Turkey), 14 September 2017

There has been a massive drop in the number of mature students studying at UK universities, Study International News, 14 September 2017Government suggests university fees could be linked to course subject, Politics Home (UK), 13 September 2017

Hebrew U tech chief seeks balance between academia and industry, The Times of Israel, 13 September 2017

A Future-Forward Look At Higher Ed, National Public Radio (USA), 13 September 2017

Hong Kong’s lesson in accountability for Japan’s ailing universities, The Japan Times, 13 September 2017

Top 10 most ’employable’ universities in 2018, Study International News, 12 September 2017

Hälfte der Doktorierenden aus Ausland, FM1 Today (Switzerland), 12 September 2017

One of world's best universities sets up Dubai campus, Arabian Business (UAE), 12 September 2017

Increasing GCC youth to drive private investment in education, Saudi Gazette (KSA), 12 September 2017

Syed Abidi highlights students’ mobility trends, The International News (Pakistan), 11 September 2017

Pro-independence banners at universities spark battle over freedom of expression in Hong Kong, Shanghaiist (China), 11 September 2017

Draft law addresses university ranking, VietnamNet Bridge, 11 September 2017

Nearly two thirds of Australians oppose $2.8bn university cuts, poll says, The Guardian (UK), 11 September 2017

Higher education needs autonomy for excellence, not more regulation, Hindustan Times (India), 8 September 2017

Bildungspolitik - Kitas, Schulen, Unis - so sieht es wirklich aus, Der Spiegel (Germany), 8 September 2017

UK - EU students will face tougher entry requirements post-Brexit, The PIE News, 8 September 2017

UK publisher rejects new request to block academic articles in China, Reuters, 8 September 2017

UK must seize the day, StudyWorld delegates are told, The PIE News, 7 September 2017

North Korean students are mining for nuclear knowledge abroad, mostly in China, Study International News, 7 September 2017

By creating a market for universities, the government has snookered itself, The Guardian (UK), 7 September 2017

Canada to promote its universities to Sri Lankan students, Colombo Gazette (Sri Lanka), 7 September 2017

Universities hold the key to innovation and productivity in post-Brexit Britain, InsiderMag (UK), 6 September 2017

University tuition fees in Canada jump on average, StatsCan reports, CBC News (Canada), 6 September 2017

Universities get tech savvy, Deccan Chronicle (India), 6 September 2017

Disillusioned Chinese students learn that overseas study no longer guarantees a good job, South China Morning Post, 6 September 2017

World University Rankings 2018: top performers in our internationalisation pillar, The Times Higher Education, 5 September 2017

80% der im Ausland studierenden Deutschen bleiben maximal sechs Monate, Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (Germany), 5 September 2017

International Enrollments: From Flat to Way Down, Inside Higher Education, 5 September 2017

Technical Unis to get governing C’cils Friday – Gov’t, STARRFM Online (Ghana), 5 September 2017


H-1B visa cuts would damage US and Indian economies, The PIE News, 1 September 2017

We Don’t Want To Produce Graduates Who Are Not Employable: Dr Anil Sahasrabudhe, Chairman, AICTE, Business World (India), 1 September 2017

Missing from the tuition fees debate: student well-being and the public benefits of higher education, The Conversation, 1 September 2017

Chinese students taught to ‘snitch’ on politically incorrect lecturers, The Australian, 1 September 2017