News Archive August 2016

Detained in Turkey, Inside Higher Ed, 31 August 2016

15 Universities Begin Repaying Phantom Loans, All Africa via The Citizen (Tanzania), 31 August 2016

Japan, South Korea top Asia’s most innovative universities, University World News, 31 August 2016

NYU’s Global Perspective, Foreign Affairs, 30 August 2016

North Korea executes vice premier in latest purge: South, Reuters, 30 August 2016

HEC for improving research based higher education, Pakistan Today, 30 August 2016

52% of residents consider lack of student discipline largest problem in Latvian schools, The Baltic Course, 30 August 2016

Kiwis gaining more higher-level qualifications, Scoop (New Zealand), 30 August 2016

Canadian prof Homa Hoodfar jailed in Iran falls ill in solitary confinement, CBC News (Canada), 29 August 2016

Canada no longer issuing long-term study permits for international students with conditional offers, Study International News, 29 August 2016

Student visa shift risks $18bn in exports, The Australian, 29 August 2016

Investing in the basics of education, Dhaka Tribune (Bangladesh), 29 August 2016


Uganda: 4 Universities Producing Fake Nurses, All Africa via The Observer (Uganda), 29 August 2016

Turkey’s Purge Could Cause a Massive Brain Drain, New Republic, 26 August 2016

US public universities turning to private sector to meet campus needs, Reuters, 26 August 2016

English takes over at Dutch universities, just 40% of courses still in Dutch, Dutch News (Netherlands), 26 August 2016

Non-EU student visa applications to the UK fall for second successive year, Study International News, 26 August 2016



Students, police recount harrowing scenes in Afghan university attack, Washington Post, 25 August 2016


Jeder achte Student kommt aus dem Ausland, Die Welt (Germany), 25 August 2016

Let’s reinvent and diversify Africa’s universities to make them centers of innovation, Quartz, 25 August 2016

The failing state of Nigeria's education system, (Nigeria), 25 August 2016



Brexit: UK considers alternative options to EU research association, The Times Higher Education, 25 August 2016

How Big Money Turned British Universities Into Global Brands, Vice, 24 August 2016

China launching increasing number of journals in English, The Times Higher Education, 24 August 2016

IITs dare to dream: Can India create 15 Stanfords?, Livemint (India), 24 August 2016


Thai education reforms slammed as ‘expensive and damaging failure’, The Nation (Thailand), 24 August 2016

What to expect from Russia's new education minister, Russia Direct, 23 August 2016

Higher education forum for the Global South launched, University World News, 23 August 2016

Big Ten Universities Become Bigger with International Students, Forbes, 23 August 2016


Over one-third of international students remain in the Netherlands 5 years after graduating, Study International News, 23 August 2016

Education South Africa takes government to court over EFL visa impasse, The PIE News, 23 August 2016

Turkey’s universities are being purged: we cannot afford to look the other way, Open Democracy, 23 August 2016

The Development of Bahrain’s Education System, Lexology, 22 August 2016

Three more varsity heads in trouble, The Hindu, 22 August 2016

The 19 European universities where graduates earn the most, Business Insider, 22 August 2016

Any increase below 8% will cripple us - universities warn, News 24 (South Africa), 22 August 2016

Close Bogus Universities, All Africa via The Patriot (Botswana), 22 August 2016

Record-breaking 424,000 students offered places in UK universities and colleges, Study International News, 19 August 2016

British business schools can take advantage of Brexit, The Conversation UK, 19 August 2016


How college students can stay safe while studying abroad, Deseret News, 19 August 2016

China releases outward facing international education strategy to 2020, The PIE News, 19 August 2016

Tension again over higher education admission, Business News (Bangladesh), 18 August 2016

Incentives key to China’s effort to upgrade higher education, Stanford expert says, Stanford News, 18 August 2016

Brexit spells opportunity for Singapore's education sector, Straits Times (Singapore), 18 August 2016


India, Russia increase collaboration in technology & education, Russia & India Report, 18 August 2016

Gast: Education opportunities are booming across the pond, Houston Chronicle, 17 August 2016

Vietnam’s Higher Education Reforms Target 10,000 PhDs in Six Years, AEC News, 17 August 2016

India's education crisis of its own making, The Times of India, 17 August 2016

Kenyatta Approves State Funding of 10,000 Students to Private Varsities, Capital FM (Kenya) via All Africa, 17 August 2016


International graduates shun Sweden, The Times Higher Education, 16 August 2016

5,300 Turkish Academics and Administrators Suspended, Inside Higher Ed, 16 August 2016

Coming of age for Malaysian universities, Malaysiakini, 16 August 2016

Online student success is more than the sum of its parts, Education Dive, 16 August 2016


Student unions sign global accord on HE values, The PIE News, 15 August 2016

Universities chosen for UK's pilot visa scheme 'not reflective' of higher education landscape – report, Study International News, 15 August 2016

Fast Forward - Japan's 2018 Problem: Its Universities Are a Ticking Time Bomb, OZY, 15 August 2016

How Employers View Online, For-Profit Bachelor's Degrees, US News and World Report, 15 August 2016

Texas Tech to Open Costa Rica Campus, Inside Higher Ed, 12 August 2016Japan roots for higher education breakthrough and Innovation in Africa, Standard Media (Kenya), 12 August 2016


Ubiquity University seeks new ground in for-profit education, Education Dive, 12 August 2016

Finland: 44% of foreign grads employed in the country after five years, The PIE News, 12 August 2016

Chinese Universities, Coming to a Neighborhood Near You, Foreign Policy, 10 August 2016


Australian universities are not producing enough STEM graduates, Australian Financial Review, 10 August 2016

Addressing the skills deficit, Malta Today, 10 August 2016

Only Grade A institutions can go for foreign collaborations: UGC, The Times of India, 10 August 2016


Super ausgebildet, super frustiert, Krautreporter (Germany), 9 August 2016

Studying abroad can be complicated and expensive, say Dutch students, Dutch News, 9 August 2016

The top university degrees that could leave you jobless, (Australia), 9 August 2016

How US universities decide who gets in, Shanghai Daily (PRC), 9 August 2016


Education and taxes, Philstar Global (Philippines), 9 August 2016

Manipal varsity bags EU project in higher education, The Hindu, 8 August 2016

University of Tartu project for medical education in Vietnam gets EUR 0.96 mln, The Baltic Course, 8 August 2016

American professor and Australian colleague are kidnapped at gunpoint from university in Kabul, Daily Mail (UK), 7 August 2016


Netherlands: 38% of students remain five years after graduation, The PIE News, 5 August 2016

Bildung in Brasilien - "Private Hochschulen haben längst nicht so einen guten Ruf", Deutschlandfunk (Germany), 5 August 2016

Turkey’s higher education chief defends purge, The Times Higher Education, 5 August 2016

Paying for UAE higher education takes smart planning, The National (UAE), 5 August 2016

India must regain its lost glory in higher education, Hindustan Times (India), 5 August 2016


Use Your Location -- Any Location! -- to Recruit International Students, Inside Higher Ed, 4 August 2016

Proposed Federal Regulations Would Force Online Educators to Seek Approval from States, GoodCall, 4 August 2016

Nearly Third of Bulgarians Aged 25-54 Attained Higher Education - Eurostat, Novininite (Bulgaria), 4 August 2016

Universities Struggle to Meet Syrian Refugee Education Gap, Voice of America, 3 August 2016

7% rise in international students at German universities propelled by 'above-average growth' in Asian students, Study International News, 3 August 2016

Indian businessman trains Ghana's youth for job market, The Times of India, 3 August 2016

Finnish universities circle wagons around Turkish academics, YLE UUTISET (Finland), 3 August 2016

Nigeria Merges Polytechnics with Universities, scraps HNDs, Naija 247 News (Nigeria), 3 August 2016

Ministers shut down more than 30 fake universities but most can't be prosecuted , The Telegraph (UK), 2 August 2016

Science Groups Voice Concern for Academics in Turkey, EOS, 2 August 2016

Quality a big challenge for the Indian education sector, says pro Vice Chancellor of Ashoka University, Indian Express, 2 August 2016

UK’s Home Office is testing less stringent student visa rules at these 4 universities, Study International News, 2 August 2016

Germany: int’l students up 7%, Chinese students top 30,000, The PIE News, 1 August 2016

Chinese universities become popular choice for Australian students, Shanghai Daily (PRC), 1 August 2016

An arts degree for the price of a law degree? Universities call for radical rethink, The Sydney Morning Herald, 1 August 2016