News Archive, October 2014

Yemen, China discuss cooperation in higher education, SABA NET (Yemen), 30 October 2014

Wo sind die festen Stellen?, Die Zeit (Germany), 30 October 2014

For-profit programs face 'gainful employment' rule, St Louis Today (USA), 30 October 2014

Lukewarm reception for tuition fee proposal, Helsinki Times (Finland), 30 October 2014

Chinese and South Korean Students Face Fallout From Suspicions of SAT Cheating, New York Times, 30 October 2014

Hybrid higher education services provider iNurture raises $5M from Bertelsmann, (India), 30 October 2014

Iran parliament rejects Rouhani’s third nominee for universities minister, EuroNews, 29 October 2014

Baird predicts new wave of M&A in European for-profit education, Education Investor, 29 October 2014

Rebuilding tech in Afghanistan with open source,, 29 October 2014

Entry of US News & World report into global ranking market welcomed, Australian, 29 October 2014

Africa’s Ivy League? Big Dreams For Next-Generation Leadership, AFK Insider (USA), 28 October 2014

Time to Check Your GPS, Inside Higher Ed, 28 October 2014

Philanthropy education 'patchy and uneven' says report jointly written by Cathy Pharoah, Third Sector (UK), 28 October 2014

US students spend €200 million in Spain while studying, The PIE News (UK), 28 October 2014

No mechanism for detecting plagiarism in Pakistan, (Pakistan), 28 October 2014

Colleges Are Tracking When Students Work Out at Rec Centers, Wall Street Journal, 28 September 2014

Unis charge too much and don't ask enough, (New Zealand), 28 October 2014

Status quo will hurt universities, Australian, 28 October 2014

The final fronties - Here are the world’s top space universities, Quartz, 27 September 2014

This Is How Hungarians Are Protesting Against Proposed Internet Tax, Gizmodo, 27 October 2014

London School of Marketing unveils global plans, Bdaily (UK), 27 October 2014

Coursera's Plan for Online Education: Expansion in China, Bloomberg Businessweek (USA), 27 October 2014

Europe struggles with digital education, EurActiv, 27 October 2014

Universities under siege as academics and students flee University World News 22 October 

Edinburgh University offers online football course The Telegraph 20 October 

Ebola puts US Universities on edge 
 Times Higher Education 20 October

Use of international recruitment agents 'needs overhaul' Times Higher Education 16 October 2014

International students in the UK: who are they really? The Guardian 13 October 2014

Peruvian scientists disgruntled with ‘brain gain’ scheme, SciDevNet, 9 October 2014

Norway to Introduce Tuition Fees at Universities, Nordic Page (Norway), 9 October 2014

For education sector, Budget 2015 must prioritise hardware, software needs, Malaysian Insider, 9 October 2014

QAA ‘no match’ for rapid change in higher education sector, Times Higher Education, 9 October 2014

57 students to receive scholarship from UK universities, Korea Times (ROK), 8 October 2014

Colleges’ Wider Search for Applicants Crowds Out Local Students, Wall Street Journal, 8 October 2014

Firms find foreign degree holders better skilled for jobs, reveals survey, Business Today (India), 8 October 2014

The University Comes ApartNew Times (Rwanda),  8 October 2014

Dream about to become a reality: University of Gibraltar opens next yearPanorama, 8 October 2014

A guide to universities in the US, Malaysian Insider, 8 October 2014

Forgetting the FacultyInside Higher Ed, 7 October 2014

New report highlights “worrying trends” in UK’s international student recruitment, ICEF Monitor, 7 October 2014

Chasing a generation of globally mobile students, Financial Times, 7 October 2014

Competency-Based Education: No More Semesters?, NPR (USA), 7 October 2014

Measures needed to lessen financial burdens of college students in need, Yomiuri Shimbun (Japan), 7 October 2014

The MOOC Revolution Changes Shape, 1776, 7 October 2014

Welcome to Beni American University: My Stroll With Gossy Ukanwoke, Huffington Post, 6 October 2014

Education reform - A good choice?, Economist, 6 October 2014

European Union Bank to Invest in SA Universities, SMEs, All Africa via, 6 October 2014

Fewer international students a bad move: KU, The Local (Denmark), 6 October 2014

China to provide 'almost half’ of UK’s postgraduate growth, Times Higher Education, 6 October 2014

Why Milan uni's English switch opened minds, The Local (Italy), 6 October 2014

Forecast furore, Malaysia Online, 5 October 2014

Policing University Partnerships in Authoritarian Countries, New York Times, 5 October 2014

If universities' slide isn't halted, economy will be next, Independent (Ireland), 4 October 2014

Kazakhstan mulls extension of education program for Afghan citizens, Tengri News (Kazakhstan), 3 October 2014

Singapore may rue fall in foreign student numbers, Straits Times (Singapore), 3 October 2014

Intensified educational links strengthen ties with China, Parliament Magazine (EU), 3 October 2014

Secular Turkey to build an 'International Islamic University', Al Monitor, 3 October 2014

How Students Seized the Lead in Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Campaign, Chronicle of Higher Education, 2 October 2014

The Digital Education Initiative Holds the Founding Meeting of the Digital Education Accreditation Taskforce, Zawya (UAE), 2 October 2014

Stand Up Be Counted: German Unis Ditch Fees, Sky News, 2 October 2014

Student fees will have to increase, says university head, New Zealand Herald, 2 October 2014

Steady Progress For Asian Universities In 2014 THE Rankings, Asian Scientist (Singapore), 2 October 2014

Why does Switzerland do so well in university rankings?, Guardian (UK), 1 October 2014

World University Rankings 2014-2015 show US strength on the wane, Times Higher Education, 1 October 2014

Getting the measure of university, Financial Times, 1 October 2014