News Archive, November 2014

Iran parliament ends standoff with Rohani, okays higher education minister, Khaleej Times (UAE), 27 November 2014

Sans VCs, administration in seven state varsities paralyzed, Times of India, 27 November 2014

'Student Politics' in Bangladesh, Daily Star News (Bangladesh), 27 November 2014

Finnish universities warily approve of tuition fees, Yle Uutiset (Finland), 26 November 2014

Massive budget cut leaves IPTA reeling, Free Malaysia Today, 26 November 2014

Ibero-American Labor Ministers Discuss Quality Education, Latin American Herald Tribune (Venezuela), 26 November 2014

Nagoya University opens satellite schools in Asia to lift international prestige, Asahi Shimbun (Japan), 26 November 2014

Poland joins European Spallation Source, The News (Poland), 26 November 2014

Libyan women struggle to join the workforce, Al Jazeera (Qatar), 26 November 2014

Visa rort alert as foreign students bring in $16bn, Australian, 26 November 2014

Faculty crunch may impede higher education transformation, DNA (India), 25 November 2014

At China online coming-out party, Beijing spells out Internet control ambition, Daily Mail (UK), 25 November 2014

How to stop Asia’s SAT cheats, Korea Herald (ROK), 23 November 2014

US colleges seeing more Latin Americans, Stabroek News, 23 November 2014

Half of places at top university 'to go to foreign students', Telegraph (UK), 23 November 2014

A matter of honours, The Economist (UK), 22 November 2014

World Bank plans for Mali’s tattered universities, University World News, 21 November 2014

Canada needs to send more students abroad, report says, Globe and Mail (Canada), 21 November 2014

Obama’s Immigration Shift, Inside Higher Ed, 21 November 2014

Ukraine Considers Adopting US Standards at Institutions of Higher Learning, Sputnik News (Russia), 21 November 2014

Why Germany's Free College Education Is Actually Not That Great, Business Insider (Australia), 20 November 2014

The importance of national journals, University Affairs (Canada), 19 November 2014

UK to send 25,000 students to India by 2020, PIE News (UK), 19 November 2014

Times Higher Education announces reforms to its World University Rankings, Times Higher Education, 19 November 2014

UGC diktat throws colleges in frenzy, Pune Mirror (India), 18 November 2014

International Enrollment Up, Inside Higher Ed, 17 November 2014

Record numbers of British students at US universities, Telegraph (UK), 17 November 2014

University essay cheating scandal rises from chase for the foreign student dollar, The Age (Australia), 15 November 2014

University rankings schizophrenia? Europe impact study, University World News, 14 November 2014

Government Launches Initiative To Send 25,000 Students To India By 2020, Huffington Post UK, 14 November 2014

Better grad programs keep students at home, China Daily, 14 November 2014

Indian students in US increased by 28 per cent: report, Business Standard (India), 14 November 2014

First tuition-free virtual university is ‘illegal’, University World News, 14 November 2014

Irish universities ‘years behind’ US counterparts in alumni relations, Irish Times (Republic of Ireland), 14 November 2014

What is the HEC doing?, Express Tribune (Pakistan), 14 November 2014

Online study a cheaper option, Financial Review, 14 November 2014

Brazil's main concern is research quality at its universities, says adviser, Times Higher Education, 13 November 2014

Germany's Import-Export Model, Inside Higher Ed, 13 November 2014

Bogus foreign universities dupe thousands of Indian students—here’s how to outsmart them, Quartz, 13 November 2014

Politics strain Turkey's first Kurdish-language institute, Al Monitor, 13 November 2014

Overseas students taking the ELICOS road, Australian, 12 November 2014

Women 'banned' from library at top Indian university, Rappler (Philippines), 12 November 2014

Boko Haram's War On Nigeria's Students, Malaysian Digest, 11 November 2014

Erasmus grant delays blight students' years abroad, Guardian (UK), 11 November 2014

Uzbekistan: Forced to Labor in Cotton Fields, Students Rebel,, 11 November 2014

Dubai Will Need 51 New Schools By 2020 – Report, Gulf Business (UAE), 11 November 2014

Why Chinese Students Are Flocking To Germany, WorldCrunch, 11 November 2014

Independent colleges – A hybrid response to massification, University World News, 7 November 2014

Will MOOCs be Flukes?, New Yorker (US), 7 November 2014

University chairs could face election under new proposals, Herald Scotland, 7 November 2014

European research funding: it’s like Robin Hood in reverse, Guardian (UK), 7 November 2014

More than an overseas experience: rethinking global citizenship teaching, Australian, 7 November 2014

IIT Kharagpur to Offer International Degrees, Jagran Josh (India), 6 November 2014

‘Why Nigerian varsity system doesn’t attract foreign students, staff’, Nigerian Tribune, 6 November 2014

Is a Global System the Future of Graduate Education?, The Atlantic (US), 6 November 2014

Students must benefit from higher education reform: experts, Jakarta Post (Indonesia), 6 November 2014

The 4-Year Versus 2-Year Degree Debate: Myths, Stereotypes and Realities of Today's Higher Education Landscape, Huffington Post, 6 November 2014

Letters: Students from France are benefitting while Quebec's universities continue to face cutbacks, Montreal Gazette (Canada), 6 November 2014

First it was points, now Irish students need passports, Independent (Ireland), 6 November 2014

Steve Maharey: Uni shake-up can halt NZ's ranking slide, New Zealand Herald, 6 November 2014

Finland to train technicians, Arab News, 6 November 2014

Training policy drowned out by noisy higher ed protests, Australian, 6 November 2014

Rot-Weiß-Rot-Karte: Stopp für Akademikerabwanderung?, Die Presse (Austria), 5 November 2014

Northern Ireland brain drain: 'The majority of our young who leave will never return', Belfast Telegraph (UK), 5 November 2014

Govt's agenda for higher education: Online courses, exchange programmes, Hindustan Times, 5 November 2014

How to Pay for Higher Education in the Arab Region, US News and World Report, 5 November 2014

California Woman Sentenced To 16 Years In Fake University Scam, Inquisitr, 5 November 2014

International students seven times more likely to work in regions if they have studied there, Australian, 5 November 2014

US agency finds Vietnam's higher science education improved, Than Nien News (Vietnam), 4 November 2014

Government to form panel to seek land requirements of new campuses, Times of India, 4 November 2014

US $1 Million Gifts Spike $3 Billion, Non Profit Times, 4 November 2014

Quality must match quantity in Africa’s education output, Star Africa News, 4 November 2014

'Foreigners are taking our jobs' complain Singaporeans, Telegraph (UK), 4 November 2014

Duke to expand mix of in-person and online education (PART II.), Duke Chronicle (US), 4 November 2014

Duke bridges gap between online and classroom, to mixed results (PART I.), Duke Chronicle (US), 3 November 2014

Research is not inevitably a lost cause in fragile states, SciDevNet, 3 November 2014

Up to $1,600 for Vietnam professors having papers published in int’l journals: decree, (Vietnam), 3 November 2014

Business school turns to India, Latin America and Middle East to recruit grad students, GW Hatchet, 3 November 2014

China’s programme for recruiting foreign scientists comes under scrutiny, South China Morning Post, 3 November 2014

Hong Kong, Ferrets and the Future of Academic Freedom, Inside Higher Ed, 2 November 2014

PM’s directive on syllabi renders academics nonplussed, (Pakistan), 2 November 2014

Christopher Pyne flags possible delay on university bill, Australian, 1 November 2014