News Archive, November 2013

Immer mehr Deutsche gehen zum Studieren ins Ausland, Jura Forum (Germany), 29 November 2013

BRICS club forms, but needs true collaboration, University World News, 29 November 2013

Degrees: are they value for money?, Telegraph, 29 November 2013

Kurdistan Building New Army in Fight for Education, Rudaw (Kurdistan, Iraq), 29 November 2013

Still On Nigerian Education Bank Bill, Nigerian Observer, 29 November 2013

PhDs in Focus: a Zimbabwean researcher tells her story, African Brains, 29 November 2013

Students make China top source of migratns coming to Britain:  40K arrive from country in the past year, Daily Mail (UK), 29 November 2013

ILO: women still lag behind in education, Phnom Penh Post (Cambodia), 28 November 2013

Hungarian sector limps along as youth still vote with their feet, Times Higher Education, 28 November 2013

Universities set to stay tuition-free, Norway News in English, 28 November 2013

Make Holidays in the US a Learning Experience, US News and World Report, 28 November 2013

Varsity rankings: Do they really matter, Independent (Singapore), 28 November 2013

Nigeria to review education agreement with Russia, Nigeria Tribune, 28 November 2013

Holland offers European experience, Korea Times, 27 November 2013

AfDB, African Virtual University discuss benefits of e-learning, African Brains, 27 November 2013

Independent Scotland would seek research council access, Times Higher Education, 26 November 2013

Obsessing about university rankings, Star Online (Malaysia), 25 November 2013

South Korea leads slump in foreign students, Radio New Zealand, 25 November 2013

Recruitment agents for foreign students to be 'vetted', Telegraph, 25 November 2013

Checklist for parents, New Indian Express, 25 November 2013

More Saudi Arabians studying in the US, LA Times, 25 November 2013

Paris beats London for second year running in student city stakes, University World News, 25 November 2013

United Arab Emirates Looks to Vocational Education, New York Times, 24 November 2013

On course to become a credit worthy qualification, Financial Times, 24 November 2013

Can Dutch higher education maintain its leading edge?, University World News, 22 November 2013

Post-2015: chance for a step change in African science education, African Brains, 22 November 2013

No Solution On Horizon for Greek Universities, Greek Reporter, 21 November 2013

A Cyprus University Is First In The World To Accept Bitcoin For Tuition, Business Insider, 21 November 2013

India-Mauritius Sign Two MOUs to Boost Educational Ties, India Education Diary, 21 November 2013

Saudi restrictions on online courses leave US colleges guessing, Chronicle of Higher Education, 21 November 2013

Draft Tertiary and Higher Education Policy Validated, Point (The Gambia), 21 November 2013

Rebuilding the Kurdistan academy, Times Higher Education, 21 November 2013

New Report on International Students in Canada, Inside HigherEd, 21 November 2013

Dubai’s education sector set to benefit from rise in demand, Oxford Business Group, 20 November 2013

Russia’s biggest private university opens Dubai campus, The National (UAE), 20 November2013

The road to ASEAN 2015: Why are PH colleges lagging behind?, Rappler (Philippines), 20 November 2013

Good colleges denied fast visas, Australian, 20 November 2013

Why universities should make better use of alumni, Korea Herald (ROK), 20 November 2013

1 year PG degrees from UK to be recognised in India after 6 month bridge course, India Education News, 20 November 2013

Foreign students on the rise, New Zealand Herald, 20 November 2013

Corporate deals seen as dangerous for Canadian universities, Toronto Star, 20 November 2013

British Boarding Schools Form New Federation To Attract Indian Pupils, India Education Diary, 20 November 2013

Kenyan students caught up in North, South Cyprus crossfire, Standard (Kenya), 19 November 2013

FutureLearn to provide the platform for the British Council's first ever MOOCs, Times of India, 19 November 2013

Open Education Is the way to the Future Because it Employs all Means of Technology and Telecommunications, Interview, Sudan Vision, 19 November 2013

Prof CNR Rao sets science agenda for govt, Times of India, 19 November 2013

Irish colleges strike deals with Indian institutions during trade mission, Siliconrepublic, 19 November 2013

Turkish students increasingly attend Balkan universities, SE Times, 18 November 2013

Chile’s Bachelet will have tightrope to walk in new term, Globe and Mail (Canada), 18 November 2013

Borderline views: Failing to internationalize our universities, Jerusalem Post (Israel), 18 November 2013

Overseas fees keep uni departments going, Sydney Morning Herald, 18 November 2013

New video aims to dispel ‘myths’ on visas, Times Higher Education, 18 November 2013

3.8 million mobile students by 2024, New Indian Express, 18 November 2013

Moody’s: Sequester May Hurt Research Universities’ Credit Ratings, Inside HigherEd, 18 November 2013

Real Reasons ETS Suspended GRE, TOEFL in Nigeria, All Africa (via Premium Times, Nigeria), 17 November 2013

Universities push for ‘flexibility’ in fees, Financial Review (Australia), 17 November 2013

PRESS RELEASE: The Observatory and Google link up for conference: The international HE revolution - Impacts on mobility, qualifications, networks, 15 November 2013

Shanghai Statement – ‘The Future of Higher Education’, University World News, 15 November 2013

Students protest over austerity cuts in Italy, BBC, 15 November 2013

Student to buck 500 years of history by delivering speech in English, Copenhagen Post (Denmark), 15 November 2013

Colleges go abroad with branch campuses, USA Today, 14 November 2013

3,000 students study in Turkish universities in Bosnia, World Bulletin, 14 November 2013

Profs mit Migrationshintergrund: Wir sind "Deutsche plus", Der Spiegel (Germany), 14 November 2013

Universities Minister: more students should study in US, Telegraph, 14 November 2013

Lecturers at Russia’s Top University Protest Job Cuts, Ria Novosti (Russia), 14 November 2013

Tweaking of the policy will encourage foreign universities to set up campuses in the country, Times of India, 14 November 2013

Andres Oppenheimer: Hemisphere’s student exchanges need a push, Miami Herald, 13 November 2013

Government begins policy of enlarging higher educational institutions, Armenpress, 13 November 2013

African University Day marked, Ghana Business News, 13 November 2013

Collaborative Networks are crucial to improve higher education in Somaliland, Somalilandpress (Somalia), 13 November 2013

Foreign Student Numbers Growing: The Good News and the Missed Opportunities, Council on Foreign Relations, 12 November 2013

The Economic Value of Education, Brookings Institute, 12 November 2013

UK: University staff plan second day of strike action, BBC News, 12 November 2013

India: States not doing enough for higher education, Zee News, 12 November 2013

US universities target foreign markets. Can core values survive?, MinnPost, 11 November 2013

US international student intake reaches record high, Times Higher Education, 11 November 2013

LSBF offers scholarship as Canadian legal ruling looms, Education Investor, 11 November 2013

Crowdfunding science: could it work? The Guardian, 11 November 2013

Students off to cheap US, The Australian, 11 November 2013

SmartOn starts India operations, Financial Express, 11 November 2013

India’s MBA dream loses some of its lustre, The Financial Times, 10 November 2013

No accreditation: Universities yet to be recognised by HEC, The Express Tribune, 8 November

1994 Group disbands, Times Higher Education, 8 November

Open-source through the lens of a microscope, Phys Org, 8 November 2013

Semester Online an effort to integrate into the digital age, The Brandeis Hoot, 8 November 2013

Transnational education: the next step towards internationalisation?, EAIE, 07 November 2013

EU-funded ranking sees 600 institutions involved, Times Higher Education, 7 November 2013

Turkey becoming regional education base, World Bulletin, 7 Noevmber 2013

BRICS education ministers discuss knowledge exchanges, Africa Brains, 7 November 2013

Erasmus +: New Opportunities For Cooperation In Higher Education In Eastern Partnership Region, Eurasia Review, 6 November 2013

2U Adds First International Partners to Semester Online, Inside Higher Ed,6 November, 2013

New FutureLearn Moocs unveiled, Times Higher Education, 5 November 2013

As taxpayer support decreased for higher education in Oregon, international students picked up the tab, Daily Emerald, 5 November 2013

Mexican colleges look to expand in U.S. to serve immigrants, McClatchy DC, 4 November, 2013

With Open Platform, Stanford Seeks to Reclaim MOOC Brand, The Chronicle of Higher Education, 4 November 2013

91% MOOC satisfaction rating for University of London International Programmes, PRWEB UK, 4 November 2013

Students flock to free online uni, The Border Mail, 4 November 2013

Indian University to tie-up with Israeli institutes, The Times of India, 4 November 2013

East Africa: EA Forum Pledges to Harmonise Higher Education Across the Region, All Africa, 3 November 2013

SA needs more universities, says Nzimande, African Brains, 1 November 2013

Malaysia: Weeding out bogus foreign students, New Strait Times, 1 November 2013