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This page serves as a portal for some key resources concerned with borderless higher education. The links below are not comprehensive, and are not meant to be. Rather, we have highlighted two or three leading resources under a number of categories that will allow members to build their knowledge of borderless developments or seek specific advice or information. New links will be added on an ongoing basis, and if you have any suggestions of resources that should be listed on this page, please contact us at

The IDP database of research on international education

New reports, articles and theses listed as discovered by our friends at the IDP


The potential of MOOCs for learning at scale in the Global South, Professor Diana Laurillard and Dr Eileen Kennedy from the UCL Institute of Education for the Centre for Global Higher Education, December 2017

Gaining an employment edge: The Impact of Study Abroad, IIE, October 2017

India - Higher Education Policy Update, Universities UK International, June 2017

Learning to Work, Working to Learn, US Chamber of Commerce, 20 June 2017

International and transnational learning in higher education: A study of students' career development in China, Working Paper 21, by Ka Ho Mok, Xiao Han, Jin Jiang and Xiaojun Zhang for Centre for Global Higher Education (CGHE), June 2017

Australian Universities at a Crossroads: Insights From Their Leaders and Implications for the Future, Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education and the Center for Studies in Higher Education at the University of California, Berkeley, June 2017

International higher education in Facts and Figures 2017, Universities UK, 25 May 2017

U.K.-U.S. Higher Education Partnerships: Firm Foundations and Promising Pathway, American Council on Education (ACE), May 2017

2016 Canadian Higher Education Year in Review, Academia Forum, 1 January 2017


Unesco-IIEP/CHEA-CIQG Advisory Statement on Combatting Corruption in Higher Education, July 2016

Top data resources on international education in Europe, EAIE, 7 July 2016

Making Sense of A Guide for Policy-Makers in Developing Countries MOOCs , United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Mariana Patru and Venkataraman Balaji, Editors, June 2016

HE Global - The Scale and Scope of UK Higher Education Transnational Education, Universities UK International Unit and British Council, June 2016

Australia:  National Strategy for Intl Education 2025, Australian Government, 14 June 2016

The UK's competitive advantage - Summary report, International Unit, March 2016

International Postgraduate Research Students: The UK's Competitive Advantage, Will Archer, CEO, i-graduate, for International Unit, March 2016

International Taught Postgraduate Students: The UK's Competitive Advantage, Will Archer, CEO, i-graduate, for International Unit, March 2016

What Will Higher Education Look Like 5, 10 or 20 Years From Now?, Good Call (USA), January 2016


International Undergraduate Students: The UK's Competetive Advantage, Will Archer, CEO, i-graduate for the UK Higher Education International Unit, December 2015

Visions of The Knowledge Future: Intelligent Policy Choices for Europe 2050, European University Association (EUA), 30 November 2015

Cultures of Quality: An International Perspective, QAA, UK, November 2015

UK Government Green Paper 'Fulfilling our potential: Teaching excellence, social mobility and student choice', November 2015

HEFCE Register of HE providers in England, added October 2015

Developing a Strategic and Coordinated Approach to the External Quality Assurance and Enhancement of UK Transnational Education, QAA, UK, August 2015

Internationalisation of Higher Education - Study, Hans de Wit and Fiona Hunter, Centre for Higher Education Internationalisation (CHEI); Laura Howard, European Association for International Education (EAIE); and Eva Egron-Polak International Association of Universities (IAU) for the European Parliament, July 2015

MOOCs and Quality:  A Review of the Recent Literature, Dr Sarah Hayes, QAA, UK, July 2015

Transnational education and employability development, Dr Robin Mellors-Bourne, Prof Elspeth Jones, and Steve Woodfield for The Higher Education Academy, UK, July 2015

Free to think: Report of the Scholars at Risk academic freedom monitoring project, Scholars at Risk, June 2015

Enhancing cross-border higher education institution mobility in the APEC region, Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), June 2015

Beyond College Rankings - A value-added approach to assessing two- and four-year schools, Brookings Institute, May 2015

'MOOC Completion rates:  The Data', Katy Jordan, May 2015

'International Edcuation Services - Productivity Commission Research Paper', Australian Goverment, 30 April 2015

'Wissenschaft weltoffen Kompakt 2015 - Daten und Fakten zur Internationalität von Studium und Forschung in Deutschland', DAAD, April 2015

'Report of the 2012-2015 BFUG working group on mobility and internationalisation' ,European Higher Education Area, 8 January 2015

'France Strategie’s report on internationalisation' (original in French) and English translation The internationalisation of higher education: It’s time to invest, Quentin Delpech and Nicolas Charles, January 2015


Employer Engagement: Emerging Practice from QAA Reviews, QAA, December 2014

Patterns and Trends in UK Higher Education, Universities UK, 15 December 2014

Open Doors Data and report, IIE, 17 November 2014

International students in higher education: The UK and its competition, Universities UK, Sept 2014 - detailed review via ICEF Monitor available here

The role of education agents in Canada's education system, CMEC, June 2014

Rockefeller Report - States go global:  State government engagement in higher education internationalisation, Jason Lane et al, The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government at the State University of New York

Strengthening the quality assurance of UK transnational education - Consultation report, QAA, May 2014

Argentina, Brazil, Chile - Engaging with the southern core, ACE and CIGE report in International Briefs for Higher Education Leaders, April 2014

Why Don't Poor Countries Do R&D?, World Bank, March 2014

Education under attack 2014, Global Coalition to Protect Edcuation from Attack (GCPEA), 26 February 2014

NMC Horizon report, 2014 Higher education edition, New Media Consortium and EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, 3 February 2014

UNESCO Position paper on education post-2015, February 2014

Trends in international student mobility:  A comparative study of international student choices, motivations and expectations 2009-20013, QS, January 2014

True for your school? How changing reputations alter demand for selective US colleges, American Educational Research Association (AREA), 16 January 2014

Global perspectives on international joint and double degree programmes, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and Institute of International Education (IIE), 2014


Affordable Colleges Online: E-Learning Excellence and Online Colleges, Affordable Colleges Foundation, 2013

Eurydice report - Towards a mobility scoreboard:  Conditions for learning abroad in Europe, European Commission, November 2013

National Agencies and Organisations promoting Internationalisation of Higher Education

2013 Open doors report, International Institute of Education

Global corruption report on education, Transparency International, October 2013

The shape of things to come - The evolution of transnational education: data, definitions, opportunities and impacts analysis, British Council, Going Global 2013

An avalanche is coming:  Higher education and the revolution ahead, Institute of Public Policy Research, March 2013

2013 Education at a glance, OECD

2012 and earlier

2012 Open doors report, International Institute of Education

Going Global: Trends in cross-border higher education for open and Distance Learning -- Interview with Dr. Don Olcott, Jr., Chief Executive, The Observatory, published in Chinese by the (Chinese) Journal of Open Education Research in August 2009 (August 2009)

Open courseWare (February 2009)

European resources on international student recruitment and national approaches to internationalise higher education (January 2009)

International Collaborative Provision in Higher Education: Codes of Practice, Guidelines and Reports (August 2007)

International University Consortia, Networks and Associations (February 2006)

UK e-University: An Overview of Available Resources (December 2005)

Websites relating to Transnational Higher Education in the Francophone World (March 2005)

Regional and International Distance Learning Associations (November 2004)

National Virtual Universities (September 2004)

Learning Management Systems (May 2004)

Quality Assurance Agencies for Higher Education (February 2004)

International Higher Education - selected sites recommended by The Observatory (January 2004)

Free Higher Education Statistics (November 2003)

Plagiarism (October 2003)

Commercial 'Education Industry' Tracking Services (September 2003)

National Reports on Opportunities created by New ICT Developments (June 2003)

Research Services (May 2003)