Consultancy Services

The Observatory team provides consultancy services, drawing on an international network of experts. We welcome consultancy enquiries on:

Reviews of institutional internationalisation strategies,


Reviews of institutional capacity for e-learning,


Evaluation of e-learning initiatives,


Market research, eg on transnational higher education initiatives,

- Specific enquiries on particular institutions, initiatives, or countries

- High-level briefings for institutional strategic planning.


Selected examples of consultancy work undertaken by The Observatory:

  • 'The Growth of Private and For-Profit Higher Education Providers in the UK', a consultancy project funded by Universities UK, led by CHEMS Consulting and undertaken in partnership with The Observatory (2009)
  • An Analysis of National and Institutional Approaches for Attracting International Students and Facilitating Internationalisation in the United Kingdom and Selected European Countries', funded by the UK Higher Education Europe Unit and the UK Higher Education International Unit, and undertaken in co-operation with a team from Kingston University (2008)
  • 'The Changing Nature of UK Transnational Education Activities and Provision', funded by the UK Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (2007)
  • 'Establishing a 'University City' in Abu Dhabi: Country Profiles', funded by the Higher Education Policy Institute (2006)
  • 'E-learning Case Studies in Post-Secondary Education and Training', funded by the OECD/CERI (2005)

...and individual consultancies for agencies, companies, and universities in different parts of the world.

For further information please contact us.

What our consultancy clients say about us:

'The research undertaken for us by the Observatory has been critical for our transnational education (TNE) support programme. The report has provided an awareness of communication in the planning and delivery of TNE within higher education institutions and is facilitating the engagement of the community by emphasising the importance of good technical infrastructure for such activities. This evidence has highlighted a previously unnoticed problem for TNE and resulted in many more opportunities for us to raise the profile of Jisc’s support in this area. ', Esther Wilkinson, Business Development Lead, Transnational Education, Jisc

'The IU has had a long and positive working relationship with the Observatory. In 2013, the IU in partnership with the Leadership Foundation commissioned the Observatory to conduct qualitative research on what international higher education might be like in 2020, examining future trends and opportunities to help inform universities’, and policy makers’, strategic thinking about internationalisation. The “Horizon scanning” report was steered by a group including leaders in internationalisation from the sector, Chaired by Professor Sir Drummond Bone.  The report has been read and well received around the world.', Vivienne Stern, Director of the UK Higher Education International Unit (IU)

'Glasgow commissioned the OBHE to undertake the institution-wide survey because of their knowledge and experience of conducting equivalent surveys elsewhere. The conclusions from the report have been detailed, frank and stimulating. We have found the report of great value in helping to formulate Glasgow's ICT strategy for the next five years.', Professor Mike MacMahon, Convener, E-Learning Group for the Information Strategy, University of Glasgow, UK