Subscription & Renewal Rates

Membership rates as listed below are per institution with an unlimited number of users per membership. However, as stated in our license agreement, members must agree not to distribute in any form their password or documents accessed from The Observatory's website to non-subscribing individuals or groups.

A 10% discount is available for all rates over a two-year period and a 15% discount over a three-year period. To take advantage of these discounts, the full two- or three-year amount must be paid at the start of the membership (renewal). If you are unsure of your membership category, please contact us at


A - Not-for-profit educational institutions and organisations -  £1,100 (EU: £1,320 incl VAT)*

B - Education institutions and companies with headquarters in a 'developing' country** - £650

D - For-profit education institutions, private corporations, and government departments and agencies - £1,750 (EU: £2,100 incl VAT)*

E - National or regional higher education associations *** - £550 (EU: £660 incl VAT)


 Please note that The Observatory does not give any refunds for membership fees.


* For this category, VAT will not apply to non-UK organisations if a VAT registration number is supplied.

**The list of developed countries is based on selected data from The World Bank and the OECD. All countries NOT listed here are considered 'developing' for the purposes of Observatory membership.


Andorra Estonia
Aruba Faroe Islands Lebanon Romania
Australia Finland Liechtenstein Russia
Austria France Lithuania San Marino
The Bahamas French Polynesia
Luxembourg Saudi Arabia
Bahrain Germany Macao Serbia
Barbados Greece Macedonia Singapore
Belgium Greenland Malaysia Slovakia
Bermuda Guam Malta Monaco Slovenia
Brunei Hong Kong Monaco Spain
Bulgaria Hungary
Canada Iceland The Netherlands
Cayman Islands Ireland Netherlands Antilles
Channel Islands Isle of Man
New Caledonia
Trinidad & Tobago
Croatia Israel
New Zealand Turkey
Curacao Italy
Norway United Arab Emirates
Cyprus Japan Oman
United Kingdom
Czech Republic Jordan Poland United States of America
Denmark South Korea Portugal Virgin Islands (USA)
Equatorial Guinea
Puerto Rico




*** The following National and Regional Higher Education Associations are affiliated to The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education:



The Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)


The Commonwealth of Learning (CoL)


The European Association for International Education (EAIE)


The International Association of Universities (IAU)


NUFFIC, The Netherlands


Universities UK (UUK)


The Observatory is pleased to offer national and regional higher education associations a discounted membership rate of £550 per year. This gives them affiliated status, and offers all its members access to The Observatory's website at membership rate A. In return for the discounted rate, the inter-university body will agree to some form of promotion of The Observatory to its members. Please note that the discounted rate for higher education associations gives access to The Observatory's website for staff directly employed by the association body only. It does not give direct access to any members of organisation (i.e. individual universities and colleges).


Student subscriptions

The Observatory offers Graduate / Master's / Doctoral Students who are registered at non-OBHE member institutions a £250 (+ 20% VAT for UK and EU countries) individual subscription for 12 months, provided that:

(1) they provide The Observatory with a signed letter from their university stating that they are a current registered student at that university, and

(2) they confirm in writing that they will adhere to the following conditions: students must agree not to distribute or sell their passwords or documents accessed from The Observatory’s website to non-subscribing individuals or groups. The copyright on all research materials is owned by The Observatory. Any use of The Observatory’s resources without prior approval is a violation of international copyright law. The Observatory reserves the right to terminate a subscriber’s membership for unauthorised distribution of resources or violation of copyright law.


Cancellations & refunds

Members can cancel their subscriptions at any time, and the membership will not be renewed once it expires. No refunds are given for remainders of membership periods or under any other circumstances.