Subscription Benefits

The Observatory is committed to informing members of the latest developments in borderless higher education from across the world.

"I believe that subscription to The Observatory represents excellent value for money. The quality, quantity and immediacy of report topics enable me to keep abreast of key issues. Subscription rates reflect the equivalent cost of approximately only ten working days of a committed research officer or two hours of research a week over the course of a year. In the current climate of higher education this is great value for money" - Professor Sir Graeme Davies, former Vice-Chancellor, University of London, UK

Members are kept up to date with the full spectrum of new developments in higher education internationalisation worldwide. We systematically track HE news, provide analysis of the news, and produce timely research reports on issues of interest and relevance.

We provide more news and analysis than can easily be covered at institutional level during a time of resource constraints. In fact, the cost of our strategic information service for one year is about the same as the cost of a research assistant for six weeks. Membership category, ‘National/regional inter-university bodies’, receives a half-price rate of only £550 (about $898).

Join now to receive:

  • Full access to our reports archive which contains research output over ten years;
  • Complete access to our news analysis articles (some articles are open access, but most are available only to subscribers);
  • A substantial reduction on the registration fees for our conferences and seminars;
  • Opportunities for networking and knowledge-sharing through our events;
  • Priority opportunity to publish research with the Observatory;


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