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Title Towards ‘borderless’ higher education? Language and internationalisation in UK higher education
Author Lou Harvey - University of Leeds


The policy clash in the UK government between the drive to grow international education and the tightening of immigration rules for international students continues to be of pressing concern in UK higher education (HE). This article calls for greater consideration of the role of language in the internationalisation of UK as a potential means of addressing this tension.

If the UK does not do more to attract and retain international students, enrolment will decline and the benefit of students’ expertise post-study will be lost. We can no longer assume that the lure of the UK is enough to attract students. The whole world is ‘internationalising’: English-medium instruction is increasingly available in different contexts, students are becoming ever more aware of the rhetoric of choice, and they will go elsewhere.

For the UK to resolve this tension, the country and higher education must navigate difficult waters and challenge long- and deeply-held beliefs. But this is the kind of transformation that we expect of our international students, and so it is time we started sharing this process.

Date 07/09/2015
Region(s) Europe
Countries United Kingdom
Theme(s) Transnational Education (TNE) Models

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