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Title Financing higher education in trying times: Malaysia innovates to cope with currency depreciation
Author Doria Abdullah - Observatory Associate


Malaysians are bracing for tougher times ahead- over the past year, the ringgit has traded steadily lower against major currencies, in particular the US dollar (1 USD = 4.29 MYR as at 21 October 2015). This has been attributed to various factors, such as slowing growth in China, the impending US interest hike, volatility in commodity prices and domestic political developments affecting investor sentiments towards the country. Besides affecting cost of living, the economic volatility is also impacting students pursuing higher education, both within and outside the country. How is the country coping? This article looks at various government and private sector efforts to ensure student funds keep flowing.

Date 03/11/2015
Region(s) Asia
Countries Malaysia, Taiwan
Theme(s) Transnational Education (TNE) Models

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