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Title A Radical Notion- Laureate steers an ambitious path between profit and social impact at scale
Author Richard Garrett - The OBHE


n October 2015, Laureate Education, the world’s largest global network of degree-granting institutions, and a for-profit company, announced that it had become a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). PBCs are a distinct type of corporate entity defined by a commitment to the financial interests of shareholders and to creating a positive impact on society. Laureate is said to the largest PBC yet, and also confirmed that it will once again become a public company, which will be another first for a PBC.

Why has Laureate made this decision, and what does this say about the future of for-profit higher education? What are the obligations of a PBC in terms of reporting?

Date 30/11/2015
Region(s) Caribbean, Central & South America, North America, All Regions
Countries Brazil, United States, International
Theme(s) For-profit Provision

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