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Title What does China’s first higher education quality report tell us?
Author Xiaozhou (Emily) Zhou - OBHE Associate


In April 2016, the Chinese Ministry of Education announced its very first report on the quality of higher education. The report is positioned as the first of its kind in the world. The report has not yet been published, but the press conference offered some details, and raised some questions. The report is testament to the growing self-confidence of the Ministry when it comes to the strengths of Chinese higher education. But obvious shortcomings in the system seemed unmentioned at the press conference.

The report outlines the scale and scope of higher education in China: 34.7 million students in 2015 enrolled in 2,852 higher education institutions, constituting a 40% enrollment ratio. Interestingly, the briefing offered no trends, such as whether the longstanding growth in student numbers and the enrollment ratio are slowing down. The key message was the sheer scale and impressive transformation of the system in a relatively short period of time. There was no mention of adult students, distance or online students, or even the role of foreign providers in the country, despite their significance in China.

Date 20/06/2016
Region(s) Asia
Countries China
Theme(s) All Themes

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