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Title International Branch Campuses: Case study of University of Reading in Malaysia - Pt2: The view from the host country
Author Doria Abdullah - Observatory Associate


On 25th February 2016, University of Reading held an inauguration ceremony to mark the opening of its new campus in Malaysia called the University of Reading Malaysia (UoRM).

UoRM’s presence has been well–received in Malaysia, but as outlined in Part 1 of this series, the initiative has had a more mixed reception in the UK, with some questioning investment overseas amid budget cuts and restructuring at home.

In this second article, we take the host country perspective, and give a general overview of international branch campus (IBC) development in the country.

Date 14/06/2016
Region(s) Asia, Europe
Countries Malaysia, United Kingdom
Theme(s) Transnational Education (TNE) Models
Topic(s) Branch Campuses

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