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Title Internationalization in Taiwan- new policy on foreign higher education providers
Author Angela Yung Chi Hou - Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan; Asia Pacific Quality Network


This article looks back at two decades of higher education reform and internationalization in Taiwan, and discusses recent moves to encourage foreign providers. In the 1980s, Taiwan was a manufacturing powerhouse and one of Asia’s economic tigers, but faces a more complex future. A young democracy, Taiwan views a globally competitive higher education system as critical to embracing a knowledge economy, managing demographic decline and stemming brain drain. Overshadowed by China, Taiwan’s story deserves to be better known.

Date 05/01/2016
Region(s) Asia
Countries Taiwan
Theme(s) Transnational Education (TNE) Models, Regulatory Frameworks
Topic(s) Quality Assurance, Branch Campuses, International Collaborative Programmes

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