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Title TNE to the rescue: exploring the potential to ameliorate Europe’s refugee crisis
Author Rachael Merola - Senior Researcher, OBHE


Europe is experiencing the largest mass migration of people since the end of WWII, originating from conflict in the Middle East. Continuing and widespread violence in Syria, which has affected some neighbouring countries, has forced many young people to abandon or forego plans for higher education, threatening to create a ‘lost generation’ of youth.

This article looks at transnational education (TNE) initiatives targeting refugees currently underway in Europe, as well as in other major refugee communities. It examines obstacles to providing quality education to refugees and investigates how TNE helps overcome these barriers.

Date 01/02/2016
Region(s) Middle East & Gulf States
Countries Syria
Theme(s) Transnational Education (TNE) Models
Topic(s) International Collaborative Programmes

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