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Title Would a British exit from the European Union damage UK higher education?
Author Carolyn Walker - The OBHE


On 23rd June this year, the British people will take part in a referendum to decide whether the UK should leave or remain as a member of the European Union (EU). The referendum is being described as the most important political event in a generation – one which will have a massive effect on the lives of UK citizens for many years to come. The UK Government is adamant that the benefits of membership of the EU significantly outweigh the disadvantages, while those in favour of leaving believe that the EU imposes too many rules on trade, has allowed too many people from other countries into the UK, costs a lot of money and reduces national sovereignty.

Arguments are raging on both sides, and it seems that opinions are fairly evenly split across the country. But what is at stake for higher education (HE)?

Date 22/04/2016
Region(s) Europe
Countries United Kingdom, European Union
Theme(s) All Themes

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