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Title Pathway programmes at embedded colleges in the UK: Some issues and areas for evaluation – Part 2
Author Carolyn Walker - Academic Director, INTO at the University of Exeter, Observatory Associate


In part 1 of this two-part article I considered aspects of foundation pathway programmes offered by corporate providers which might bear scrutiny. These were, firstly the fact that the pathway providers are big corporates operating businesses in education for profit. Secondly, I asked how the college relationship with the partner university might affect the student experience, and the whole operation. Thirdly I described the type of students who take the foundation pathway courses and considered the extent to which their success is measured.
In this part, I will discuss some further issues, look at how quality is ensured and conclude with thoughts on the further improvement of quality and value of these programmes.

Date 02/03/2016
Region(s) Europe, All Regions
Countries United Kingdom, International
Theme(s) All Themes

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