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Title Establishing a presence in China: Lessons for university leaders
Author Andrew Scott Conning - Harvard University


The renewed presence of U.S. and other foreign universities in China is an important part of that country’s great ongoing experiment in higher education expansion and reform. Foreign universities are helping inform China’s extraordinary reinvestment in higher education and re-imagination of how it can serve public and national purposes. At the same time, foreign universities are creating opportunities for a much broader range of Western students and scholars to engage with China in the coming years.

Foreign universities operate in China in a variety of forms, according to their particular goals and ambitions. At a moment when many universities are considering how to structure their future overseas engagements, it is timely to reflect on the various institutional models foreign universities have developed in China; the legal and political challenges they have encountered, the special challenges and opportunities they face in recruiting students to their China-based programs, and the lessons their experience offers.

Date 28/01/2016
Region(s) Asia
Countries China
Theme(s) Transnational Education (TNE) Models
Topic(s) Branch Campuses, Joint Provision

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