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Title An early warning system for TNE - Understanding the future global network connectivity and service needs of UK higher education
Author William Lawton and Saskia Jensen - The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education


This report for Jisc is based on feedback from the UK higher education (HE) sector on current (2014) transnational education (TNE) activities and future plans, including the locations of such activity. The exercise includes feedback on current and future TNE delivery modes. It is further based on feedback of a more technical nature, for example, on what the network is used for in TNE and how such IT operations are managed abroad. The resulting narrative is a synthesis of these two distinct voices from within UK higher education institutions (HEIs).

Date 06/01/2015
Region(s) Europe, All Regions
Countries United Kingdom, International
Theme(s) Transnational Education (TNE) Models, Technology
Topic(s) E-learning Delivery, Branch Campuses, International Collaborative Programmes, Online Learning, Policy & Management, Regulation

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