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Title Transnational education vs international student mobility: Substitutes or distinct markets?
Author Vangelis Tsiligiris - MBS College of Crete


This report constitutes preliminary research on the extent to which transnational education (TNE) acts as a substitute to international student mobility. Is there overlap or are they distinct cohorts of students? The paper explores the relationship between TNE and student mobility using the UK as a TNE-exporting country and Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China as four cases of TNE host countries.

The research reveals weak evidence for a direct substitution effect. The outbound mobility of students from TNE host countries to the UK has remained unaffected by the rapid growth of UK TNE provision. A developmental process model for TNE is also suggested to policy-makers at government and institutional levels in TNE-exporting countries.

Date 30/06/2014
Region(s) Asia, Europe, All Regions
Countries China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom, International
Theme(s) Transnational Education (TNE) Models, Mobility

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