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Title The maturing of the MOOC: literature review of massive open online courses and other forms of online distance learning, a report for the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
Author Stephen Haggard (independent consultant), William Lawton and Alex Katsomitros (The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education), Tim Gore and Tom Inkelaar (The Centre for Distance Education, University of London International Programmes)


This report, written for the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, highlights the wide diversity of opinions and arguments about MOOCs and gives visibility to both critical and enthusiastic voices. It consists of a comprehensive review of literature related to MOOCs and open and distance learning (ODL), and includes research suggestions and recommendations. It aims to capture the state of knowledge and opinion about MOOCs and ODL, how they are evolving, and to identify issues that are important, whether consensual or controversial.

Some key points made in the report are:

• Conflicting perspectives on MOOCs divide education communities
• Learning practitioners disagree about the value of MOOCs
• Formal comprehensive analyses of MOOCs mostly concur that they are disruptive and possibly threatening to current HE models
• Reporting of MOOC learner experiences is positive
• The MOOC is maturing – and engaging with its business and accreditation issues

Date 18/09/2013
Region(s) Europe, All Regions
Countries United Kingdom, International
Theme(s) Technology
Topic(s) Open Source, Open Content Initiatives, Distance Education, E-learning Delivery

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