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Title Latin American perspectives and drivers for tertiary education development: A PEST analysis
Author Angel Calderon - RMIT University, Melbourne


This analysis focuses on the political, economic, social and technological environments of countries that comprise the Latin American region. This kind of analysis is often referred to as PEST; it involves analysing various dimensions of the conditions prevailing in a given country under that framework. The analysis focuses on the dimensions of each of the categories of the PEST framework and draws data from publicly available international sources to add credibility to its conclusions. This paper is intended to guide education analysts and decision-makers in the opportunities and challenges for international higher education in Latin America.

The analysis provides a short overview of some major trends and underlying developments of recent years. It is meant neither to present a comprehensive discussion about all facets of activity nor to cover all countries of the region, but rather to focus on key aspects of the economy, society and education. A summary of the analysis is shown under each PEST category and results are highlighted for five countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. These are the countries that are most worthy of note for transnational education and international mobility.

Date 01/10/2012
Region(s) Caribbean, Central & South America
Countries Latin America and the Caribbean
Theme(s) All Themes

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