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Title MOOCs and disruptive innovation: The challenge to HE business models
Author William Lawton, Alex Katsomitros - The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education


All industries have to cope with the disruption of the unfolding digital revolution, and education is no exception. This multi-faceted disruption can be seen in the new wave of MOOCs. The arrival of ‘massive open online courses’ appears to be another tectonic shift in the evolution of higher education and HE internationalisation. MOOCs are free of charge, designed for large numbers of people to take them at once, encourage peer-to-peer learning, and award certificates rather than academic course credit. This article, the first of a short series on disruptive innovation in HE, describes three new start-ups – Coursera, edX and Udacity – and explores the challenges they pose to traditional models of delivery in higher education.

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Date 21/08/2012
Region(s) North America, All Regions
Countries United States, International
Theme(s) Technology
Topic(s) Open Source, Open Content Initiatives, Distance Education, E-learning Delivery

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