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Title Higher education across borders: Models of engagement and lessons from corporate strategy
Author Tim Gore OBE - University of London International Programmes


This paper examines how universities may consider various models for the development of longer-term strategies across borders. It examines some of the emergent concepts in the development of corporate strategy and how these may be useful for universities. A growing sensitivity to community and enlightened approaches to cultural nuances, as well as increasing concern with risk and protection of reputation through positive social engagement, are key developments. The paper develops a suggested analysis of university cross-border strategies into three models of engagement: the global network, focused networks and global products. It analyses how each may take into account the lessons from developments in corporate strategy.

Date 18/04/2012
Region(s) Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East & Gulf States, North America, All Regions
Countries Egypt, China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, United States, International
Theme(s) Transnational Education (TNE) Models
Topic(s) Branch Campuses, International Collaborative Programmes, Online Learning, Joint Provision

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