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Title International branch campuses: data and developments
Author William Lawton, Alex Katsomitros - The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education


This is the fourth survey report on international branch campuses (IBCs) from the Observatory on Borderless Higher Education. It is based primarily on data collected from IBCs throughout the world between July and December 2011. As at the end of 2011 there were 200 degree-awarding IBCs in operation worldwide, and 37 more will open over the next two years. New trends include a shift in activity to the Far East, intra-regional ‘south-to-south’ IBCs, niche campuses, and the link between IBCs and the drive by governments to establish ‘education hubs’ for national economic goals.

The four annexes provide a list of IBCs by home and host countries; the source, location, year opened, subjects and degree programmes offered, whether there is host-country support, notes on accreditation, the number of undergraduate and postgraduate students, target markets, and undergraduate and postgraduate tuition fees; a list of IBCs closed since the previous report in 2009; a list of currently planned IBCs; and the text of the survey questionnaire.

An interactive world map to accompany this report is available online to members and those who purchase the report. Access details are available from

Date 12/01/2012
Region(s) All Regions
Countries International
Theme(s) Transnational Education (TNE) Models, Mobility
Topic(s) International Students, Branch Campuses

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