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Title Three types of education hubs: student, talent, and knowledge - Are indicators useful or feasible?
Author Jane Knight - Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto



Education hubs are important new developments. They represent a new generation of crossborder education activities. There is no ‘one size fits all’ model for education hubs, as local conditions, priorities and rationales vary from country to country and from hub to hub. There are different levels and types of hubs emerging but an education hub can be generally described as ‘the process of building a critical mass of local and foreign actors – including students, education institutions, companies, knowledge industries, science and technology centres – who collaborate in a strategic way on crossborder education, training, knowledge and innovation initiatives.’

The purpose of this paper is threefold. The first objective is to present an analytical framework which proposes a generic definition of an education hub and identifies three major types: the student hub, the talent hub and the knowledge hub. The second objective is to provide a brief overview of six countries that are undertaking major efforts to prepare and position themselves as an education hub. The third and most important objective is to initiate a discussion on whether it is useful or feasible to have a set of indicators for each of the three hub types in order to measure issues such as need, preparedness, potential, quality, sustainability. To start this debate the paper presents and compares indicator data for each of the six country hubs. The indicator data comes from international sources such as UNESCO, World Bank, World Economic Forum but the data present challenges in terms of availability, comparability and robustness. The paper ends with a series of questions and issues worthy of further reflection and research. The author encourages the Observatory to stimulate a multi-stakeholder discussion on the usefulness, feasibility and development of education hub indicators.

Date 24/10/2011
Region(s) Africa, Middle East & Gulf States, Asia, All Regions
Countries Botswana, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia , Qatar, Bahrain, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Bhutan, International

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