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Title Borderless 2011: Perspectives on the Future
Author The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education


Some of the trends incoming for 2011 – greater institutional autonomy, public/private convergence, entrepreneurial management, civic engagement – suggest innovation for hard times, with socio-economic and political rationales increasingly driving borderless developments. Others – open learning and higher education for sustainable development – are the result of long-standing and committed patience of leaders championing the needs and wants of an increasingly mobile and non-traditional global learning community. With the reconsideration of education as a public good, quantum shifts are occurring, and a professionalized approach to higher education as commodity is taking place, blurring once traditional boundaries between government, higher education and industry. All of them, however, are seeking to identify the current parameters necessary to consider, when developing and implementing borderless higher education initiatives in the changed environment of a new decade. Featuring personal reflections from top academics, professionals and experts in HE from around the world, Borderless 2011 covers the big issues of the past year and speculates on what may be seen in the year ahead.

Date 20/01/2011
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