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Title Arise for-profit, and go forth global? Kaplan and Apollo among the private providers making new inroads
Author The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education


Last month, for-profit higher education provider Kaplan, Inc. (Kaplan) announced the acquisition of Australia’s Murdoch Institute of Technology, a private institution based on Perth’s Murdoch University campus. The Institute provides guaranteed entry into first- or second-year undergraduate education at the public university via ‘pathway’ or foundation programming, a style of learning in which Kaplan is a world leader. One month earlier, the Apollo Group, Inc., the parent company of the American for-profit University of Phoenix, issued a press release detailing the purchase of the United Kingdom’s BPP Holdings, the owner of private education company BPP Professional Education. At a time when the public higher education sector is reporting billion dollar endowment losses, the private sector is going from strength to strength, with revenues soaring in the midst of the global recession. What are the terms of sale for Kaplan’s recent Australian acquisition, and how is the company gaining ground in the country? Why is the Apollo Group, Inc., reportedly interested in the British higher education sector, and what plans is it making to diversify provision? Is global growth in private provision likely to continue?

Date 07/10/2009
Region(s) Australia & Pacific Rim, Europe, North America
Countries Australia, United Kingdom, United States, European Union
Theme(s) Public Private Partnerships, For-profit Provision

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