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Title International Branch Campuses: Markets and Strategies
Author Rosa Becker - The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education


This report provides an up-to-date overview and analysis of market patterns and strategic concerns in international branch campus establishment. Since the Observatory’s 2006 branch campus report, the number of campuses in the world has increased significantly, and more source and host countries have become involved in branch campus development. The directions of branch campus establishment have also started to change. The international branch campus market has become more competitive, however, and there have been several campus closures.

The report consists of eight parts. Following the Introduction (part 1), part 2 provides the definition of what in this report is meant by an ‘international branch campus’, while part 3 discusses the drivers and benefits of branch campus establishment for source countries, host nations and students. Part 4 gives an overview and analysis of current market patterns in international branch campus development. The next sections address regulatory issues (part 5), curriculum and staffing (part 6), and risk management and strategies that institutions need to consider when planning a branch campus abroad (part 7). In part 8, the Conclusion offers ideas on the potential directions of branch campus establishment in the near future, including future opportunities and challenges. A complete list of all existing international branch campuses and a list of all closed campuses so far, can be found in the Appendices.

Date 01/09/2009
Region(s) Asia, Europe, North America, Middle East & Gulf States, Africa, Australia & Pacific Rim, Caribbean, Central & South America
Countries The Philippines, Slovakia, Russia, Poland, Norway, The Netherlands, Italy, Ireland, Hungary, Greece, Germany , France, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United States, Mexico, Canada, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan, Israel, Iran, Bahrain, United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Belgium, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Singapore, Pakistan, Malaysia, Japan, India, Hong Kong, China, Cambodia, Tunisia, South Africa, Thailand, Vietnam, Australia, Austria, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Peru, Panama, Jamaica, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand , Fiji, Nigeria
Theme(s) Transnational Education (TNE) Models
Topic(s) Branch Campuses

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