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Title India’s latest branch campus and higher education investments in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar: meeting both sides’ development needs
Author The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education


The University of Pune, one of India’s top-ranked state universities, has announced plans to set up a branch campus in the United Arab Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, with programmes starting to be offered from this month. The plan is the latest branch campus initiative among Indian higher education institutions, with the country’s University of Petroleum and Energy Studies also having announced plans to set up campuses in seven foreign countries, including the United Arab Emirate of Dubai. The Indian government is also keen to develop higher education collaboration with other countries in the Gulf region, with Qatar being the foremost among them. What are the details of India’s latest transnational higher education initiatives? With nearly all of India’s existing international branch campuses being located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), why are India’s universities targeting the country and what are the market opportunities for other Indian institutions to establish a presence in the country in the future? Furthermore, why are India and Qatar keen to strengthen their higher education partnerships?

Date 03/03/2009
Region(s) Asia, Middle East & Gulf States
Countries India, Qatar, United Arab Emirates
Theme(s) Transnational Education (TNE) Models, Public Private Partnerships, Mobility, Regulatory Frameworks
Topic(s) Faculty, Regulation, Branch Campuses, Services & Support

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