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Title The sky’s the limit? International technology company IBM floats cloud computing into universities to advance 'real-world' research
Author The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education


Leading information technology company IBM has recently unveiled a series of new projects aimed at solving ‘real-world’ issues and facilitating interuniversity co-operation through the use of cloud computing technology. In principal collaboration with universities in Qatar, South Africa and Japan, the firm is leveraging its ‘Blue Cloud’ technology, an emerging style of information technology (IT) infrastructure instantly available to anyone, anywhere, to test applications relevance to local or regional challenges. By doing so, IBM and its university partners are hoping to expedite the progress of research initiatives previously constrained by both time and limited or unavailable resources, likely as a result of inefficient or inappropriately designed IT systems. In terms of efficiency, cloud computing is indeed well-positioned, because by rendering information instantly available to anyone at any time, regardless of location, the technology’s capacity to facilitate international university collaboration is seemingly limitless. What is cloud computing, and which universities are collaborating with IBM in the new projects? How could such technology affect the management of institutions, especially in regards to cost efficiency?

Date 18/02/2009
Region(s) Africa, Asia, Middle East & Gulf States
Countries Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Japan, Qatar
Theme(s) Technology
Topic(s) E-learning Delivery, Policy & Management, Regulation

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