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Title A recipe to progress? Saudi Arabia’s efforts to strengthen its science base through building international university networks
Author The Observatory on Borderless Higher Education


Last week, King Saud University (King Saud), Saudi Arabia’s largest and one of its most prestigious universities, signed a US$3.4 million partnership agreement with Kent State University (Kent State) in the United States (US), under which the US institution will provide entrepreneurial instruction and curriculum development at King Saud. The announcement follows a number of other international agreements recently entered by Saudi higher education institutions, particularly in the areas of science and engineering. What are the details of the country’s recently signed higher education collaborations and why is Saudi Arabia keen to partner with foreign universities? Do the recent partnerships signal a change in direction for Saudi higher education policies, and to which extent is the country a niche market for foreign higher education institutions?

Date 11/02/2009
Region(s) Asia, Europe, Middle East & Gulf States, North America
Countries Malaysia, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia , United States
Theme(s) Transnational Education (TNE) Models, Mobility
Topic(s) International Students, Faculty, Study Abroad and Exchange Agreements, International Collaborative Programmes, Services & Support

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