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Title Costing e-Learning: Is it Worth Trying or Should We Ignore the Figures?
Author John Fielden - CHEMS Consulting (UK)


Common questions university managers ask about e-learning are: how to cost it? how much does it cost? and, is it cost-effective? This paper shows how these questions has been answered in studies to date in the USA and the UK and provides some actual figures for e-learning products developed for use on campus and for the international market. Evidence of costs is also cited from the commercial world. The complexity of undertaking a professional costing is outlined, and a simple checklist of resources is shown for those wishing to embark on an in-house study. In an environment where the web is becoming a central part of most students’ learning experience, it is reasonable to ask whether it is necessary to cost this as an innovation. The paper concludes by suggesting that institutional energies might be better spent setting out clear policies for ensuring that staff time spent on developing online materials is used effectively.

Date 01/08/2002
Region(s) Europe, North America
Countries United Kingdom, United States
Theme(s) Technology
Topic(s) E-learning Delivery, Policy & Management, Regulation

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