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Title Cross-border Higher Education: An Analysis of Current Trends, Policy Strategies and Future Scenarios
Author Kurt Larsen, Keiko Momii, St├ęphan Vincent-Lancrin - Centre for Educational Research and Innovation, OECD


Cross-border higher education has increased over the last two decades. What might the area of cross-border higher education look like 10 to 20 years from now? This paper analyses trends in different forms of cross-border higher education: student mobility and programme and institution mobility. It describes four policy approaches to cross-border higher education: mutual understanding; skilled migration; revenue-generating; and capacity building. It also discusses the policy instruments that countries use to implement these approaches. Finally, it presents three future scenarios for cross-border higher education: the Status quo scenario; the Competition scenario; and the Emerging economies scenario. These scenarios could stimulate debates within the higher education community about the preferred direction on cross-border higher education.

Date 01/11/2004
Region(s) All Regions
Countries International
Theme(s) Regulatory Frameworks
Topic(s) Theory and/or Ideology

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