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Title The Global Education Index 2005 Part 2: Public Companies – Relationships with Non-Profit Higher Education
Author Richard Garrett - Eduventures


This is Part 2 of the third annual analysis of the Observatory's 'Global Education Index' (GEI), a set of tools designed to track fifty public companies internationally operating in the broad area of postsecondary education. Part 1 updated share price trends and financial results. Part 2 is focused on relationships between companies and non-profit higher education. Firms are discussed under four types: Type 1 (direct competitors), Type 2 (indirect competitors), Type 3 (competitive service providers) and Type 4 (non-competitive service providers). The fundamental conclusion from GEI 2005 is that higher education remains both a business AND a market for commercial interests. Many firms see greater profits in serving non-profit higher education than directly competing with it. Some firms do both. However, in many instances, ‘service’ has competitive connotations, as faculty and institutions become evermore dependent on third party resources to undertake core teaching and learning activities. Key trends include a flattening of enrolment at leading US for-profit university/ college networks, increased commercial interest in student support and sustained non-engagement between Type 2 firms and non-profit higher education.

Date 01/11/2005
Region(s) North America
Countries United States
Theme(s) Public Private Partnerships
Topic(s) Funding Models, Stakeholders

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