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Title Building Capacity through Cross-border Tertiary Education
Author St├ęphan Vincent-Lancrin - Centre for Educational Research and Innovation, OECD


While several OECD countries compete to attract foreign students, some pioneering emerging economies show that an innovative strategy for the import of cross-border education can form a part of a national strategy for capacity building. Could this be a suitable model for developing countries to build capacity in tertiary education, and more generally, to enhance economic development? This paper will argue that this is the case: using cross-border education to build capacity could be an effective strategy, especially when it is accompanied by appropriate policies and regulatory frameworks. Once an overall strategy for capacity building in education is in place as part of a national capacity building strategy, countries should examine how tertiary (and more broadly post-secondary) education fits into this. A subsequent question concerns whether cross-border tertiary education could play a role in achieving the objectives of this strategy, and, if so, which. This paper does not offer definitive answers, as these issues are closely connected to the local context of each country. However, possible answers will be explored and an attempt to illustrate the mechanisms that may link cross-border education to capacity building will be made.

Date 01/03/2005
Region(s) All Regions
Countries International
Theme(s) Regulatory Frameworks
Topic(s) Regulation

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