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Title Sino-Foreign Joint Education Ventures: A National, Regional and Institutional Analysis
Author Guoping Feng, Siyi Gong - Shanghai University (China),


As access to higher education becomes increasingly commonplace in China, enrolment numbers at higher education institutions have grown rapidly in recent years. Given the competitiveness of international higher education, foreign education providers have undoubtedly recognised the vast potential of the Chinese market. Government stipulations demand, however, that transnational provision be joint education ventures between a Chinese institution and a foreign partner. International higher education institutions would benefit from considering the regional and economic diversity of China prior to entering a market characterised by ample opportunities as well as risks. In a similar manner, quality of provision has become an increasingly important factor for Chinese institutions selecting foreign partners, the most reputable institutions being highest in demand. Through an analysis of Chinese enrolment data, Government policy, and economic regionalism, this report provides a history of the evolution of higher education in China and attempts to establish parameters for future developments in joint Sino-Foreign higher education provision. Such a report is likely to be of considerable interest to foreign providers seeking to establish successful education ventures in China.

Date 01/08/2006
Region(s) Asia
Countries China
Theme(s) Transnational Education (TNE) Models, Regulatory Frameworks
Topic(s) Regulation, Joint Provision

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