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Title Web 2.0 for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
Author Tom Franklin, Mark van Harmelen - Franklin Consulting, University of Manchester (UK)


This report discusses the uses of Web 2.0 in higher education and examines the practices at five institutions currently implementing Web 2.0: the UK Universities of Warwick, Leeds, Brighton and Edinburgh, and the University of Klagenfurt in Austria. It then considers ways in which Web 2.0 impacts institutional policy and strategy, and in the final section analyses issues related to Web 2.0 in learning, teaching and assessment. This report may be used to help formulate policy and guidelines for Web 2.0 use in universities; although it identifies some of the risks associated with Web 2.0 implementation, including intellectual property and security issues, because the application of Web 2.0 in higher education is still in an early stage it concludes by recommending that institutions impose only minimal and necessary regulations in order to avoid constraining experimentation with Web 2.0 technologies and allied pedagogies.

Date 01/08/2007
Region(s) Europe
Countries Austria, United Kingdom
Theme(s) Technology
Topic(s) E-learning Delivery

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