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Title Private Higher Education in India: Status and Prospects
Author Pawan Agarwal - Department of Science and Technology (India)


India’s higher education system is now the third largest in the world. Its capacity has been increased largely by the activities of private providers over the past twenty years, transforming the higher education landscape. Private higher education is the most dynamic and growing sector of Indian higher education today, but it is often viewed with suspicion. Whilst the actions of certain private operators are to blame for some of this suspicion, another factor is that the development of the private higher education sector has taken place largely in a policy vacuum in which the judiciary intervenes routinely to resolve inconsistencies in existing legislation. This creates further complications and a climate of uncertainty affecting, among others, foreign private education and foreign investment. Through the analysis of existing data from official Indian sources as well as the author’s own new data compiled for a forthcoming book, this report provides a comprehensive overview of these developments, assesses the current status of foreign and domestic private higher education provision in India, and outlines its future prospects.

Date 01/07/2007
Region(s) Asia
Countries India
Theme(s) Public Private Partnerships
Topic(s) Funding Models, Stakeholders

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