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Title Student Experience as an Outcome: Performance-based funding in Australian higher education
Author Christopher Hill, Rachael Merola


Australia has long debated using student outcomes as a metric for funding, including experimenting with performance-based funding for learning and teaching from 2005 to 2009. Even as public expenditure per student has declined, increased enrollment has made total public spend on higher education rise, igniting renewed interest in measuring graduate outcomes and value for money and linking results to funding. This is a difficult task; stakeholders have struggled to agree on which outcomes should be measured, how university performance can be tracked, and whether there is adequate and accurate data to do so. The reintroduction of performance-based funding, to be implemented in 2020, will use student outcomes as the criteria for funding increases.

Date 12/03/2019
Region(s) Australia & Pacific Rim
Countries Australia
Theme(s) Regulatory Frameworks

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