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Title The innovative but challenging quest for “Learning Gain” in English HE – a progress update
Author Carolyn Walker


A 2015 UK Government green paper (a consultation document) on higher education in England focused on teaching and learning outcomes and demonstration of “value for money”. In the foreword, the then Minister of State for Universities and Science, Jo Johnson, stated that informative measurements of teaching quality were required to show students, employers and wider society what learning benefits students could expect from their investment. A so-called Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF)- now operational- would incentivise universities to improve the quality of their teaching. In the paper, the concept of ‘learning gain’ as a new metric for teaching excellence was floated.

It is clear that measuring learning gain is extremely complex and prompts questions about who and what higher education is for. Much time has been devoted to defining learning gain, the dimensions involved, and their operationalisation.

Date 22/01/2019
Region(s) Europe
Countries United Kingdom

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