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Title Prediction: The United States will see an absolute decline in international student numbers from 2019 that will continue until government policies change
Author Marguerite J. Dennis


According to the Institute for International Education, the United States has led the world in the number of enrolled international students since records have been compiled. But as the world order changes, I predict that colleges and universities in the United States, for several reasons as outlined in this article, will enroll fewer undergraduate and graduate international students in the next few years and will continue to lose market share of the internationally mobile student.

I suspect some readers may either dismiss this prediction or dispute the facts I present to support my premise. Some may hope that recent declines in international enrollments in the United States were just a blip: a one-off. Others may blame the decline entirely on the outcome of the 2016 election. The fact is that for more than a decade while the number of internationally mobile students has increased, the United States’ market share of that student population has declined.

In the book A Study in Scarlet, Sherlock Holmes wrote: “It’s a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.” So, let’s examine the facts.

Date 17/01/2019
Region(s) North America
Countries United States
Theme(s) Mobility

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