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Title UK outward student mobility in the context of Brexit
Author Carolyn Walker - OBHE Associate; Consultant in International HE; Former Academic Director at INTO


Outward student mobility is widely acknowledged to be an important factor in the outcomes which students achieve from their higher education experience. But, in the UK, how well will the various mobility programmes fare once the country leaves the EU? According to Universities UK International (UUKi), in this context: “… it has never been more important that the UK demonstrate its commitment to international experience”. But exiting the EU puts in jeopardy the UK’s participation in the Erasmus+ programme, which is “the single largest source of funding for UK student and staff mobility” . Since Erasmus accounts for 55% of outward student mobility placements, exclusion from this programme could be catastrophic.

Date 28/09/2018
Region(s) Europe
Countries United Kingdom
Theme(s) Mobility

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