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Title What do we know about the outcomes of EMI courses in higher education?
Author Carolyn Walker - OBHE Associate - Consultant in International HE; Former Academic Director at INTO


According to Dr Denise Abreu e Lima (President of Languages without Borders, Brazil), speaking at the British Council’s recent Going Global 2018 conference in Malaysia, “Language is the structure of internationalisation. If a university wants to internationalise they need to invest in language and a language policy”. For many higher education institutions worldwide, recognition of this fact has helped to drive a growing global trend: the teaching of courses through the medium of English, otherwise known as ‘English Medium Instruction’ (EMI) or alternatively ‘English Taught Programmes’ (ETPs). This relatively recent development has been described as a “galloping phenomenon” which is “pandemic in proportion” and “the single most significant current trend in internationalizing higher education”.

Date 27/06/2018
Region(s) Europe
Countries Denmark, France, Germany , The Netherlands, Sweden, Turkey
Theme(s) Mobility, Regulatory Frameworks
Topic(s) International Students

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