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Title Ambition meets measurement: Is Malaysia’s Education Blueprint 2015-2025 delivering its education promises?
Author Rachael Merola


Malaysia has established itself as one of the most dynamic and international higher education systems in the world. In part, this is the result of explicit goals set forth and outcomes measured in the country’s higher education (HE) plans. These are laid out in the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2015-2025, recently modified for better alignment with new national and international requirements.

The Blueprint notes it is imperative that Malaysia compare its education system against international benchmarks to keep up with other nations’ development, and tracks outcomes in its annual report. How has the plan hastened Malaysia’s ascent to one of the most internationalized education systems in the world? What do the 2018 modifications entail?

Date 29/05/2018
Region(s) Asia
Countries Malaysia
Theme(s) Regulatory Frameworks

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