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Title China’s “Double First Class” Project will showcase Chinese higher education in international rankings
Author Xiaozhou (Emily) Zhou; Rachael Merola


China’s latest initiative to foster excellence in higher education, the Double First Class (DFC) Project, was released in September 2017 after much anticipation. It is the largest project to date in Chinese higher education, with an allocation of 40 billion RMB ($6.04 billion USD). The project identifies 137 Chinese universities, 42 of which are identified as Double First Class Universities and 95 of which offer Double First Class Disciplines, to receive funding with the aim to increase the global prestige of the Chinese higher education system by 2049-- the 100 year anniversary of the establishment of the People’s Republic of China. While a project of this scale is likely to have its desired impact on higher education rankings, it is unclear what the effect will be on other performance measures, including student outcomes, graduate employability, and teaching and learning.

Date 21/05/2018
Region(s) Asia
Countries China
Theme(s) Regulatory Frameworks
Topic(s) Regulation, Accreditation, Quality Assurance

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