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Title Internationalisation of Indian Higher Education: A one-way traffic?
Author Kriti Dagar, Doctoral Scholar - National University of Educational Planning & Administration (NUEPA), New Delhi


Internationalisation has been a powerful and pervasive force in shaping higher education in India. Governments, international bodies and universities have created myriad programmes and frameworks to pave the way for internationalisation, though barriers remain- imbalance in student mobility, poor employment prospects for international students, and a resistance to broader forms of transnational education (TNE), to name a few. While India may not emerge as a frontrunner in international education in the short-term, it may benefit from the level of internationalisation it has achieved thus far, focusing on knowledge spill overs, brain circulation, collaborative projects, and technology transfers gained from institutional partnerships.

Date 14/11/2017
Region(s) Asia
Countries India
Theme(s) Transnational Education (TNE) Models

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